Thursday, May 25, 2017

Malang Culinary Culture - PECEL KAWI

Last year, i were visiting Malang for the first time. With a friend of mine, we explore foods and culinary that get good review from bloggers and have been word of mouth among visitors.

The first dish we try is Pecel. Pecel is mix of boiled vegies with creamy nut sauce served with fried tempe also rempeyek. The sauce is very special and you'll never found it in another place.

We visit Pecel Kawi at Kawi Atas street no 43 B Malang. The location is quite strategies and always full with visitor.

We make a good choice as the kick starter of this culinary adventure.

The prize is quite affordable Rp 8,000 or less than 1 dollar. hahahha
Unfortunately when i came, the breakfast time is already over and they preparing for the lunch, several side dish already runs out especially the rempeyek.

We manage to taste the Pecel itself. taste is quite different with the common pecel, you can see the sauce a little bit lighter compare to common pecel, and the taste is bit sweet and spice.
worth to try kok :)
I was curious about the vegies that they put on the pecel, i never taste this vegies before. 
If you had the answer, can you share it to me on the comment box yaaa :)

See you on the next post. 

Jabat Erat

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